Hotel of Mum and Dad

hotel_of_mum_and_dadWe’ve recently seen a wave of commissions for TV titles including titles and packaging for Hotel of Mum and Dad on BBC3 produced by Mentorn Media. Hotel of Mum and Dad is a series in which young couples living with their parents or in-laws test drive a place of their own that fits their budget.

We created titles that pushed the shows concept to the extreme with an average suburban home turned into a five star hotel complete with bell boy. The logo was made in the style of an american west coast hotel for maximum contrast with the suburban setting.

You can catch Hotel of Mum and Dad on Thursdays at 9pm on BBC3 until 7th November. Sponsorship

Sponsorship idents for and Asda’s range of superhero themed clothing. For compliance reasons we couldn’t show the clothing, so we had to come up with some more graphic ways to associate the George brand with the superheroes. We created simple logo builds for George that create an instant connection in the viewers mind between the superheroes and the brand.

If only they made the Iron Man pyjamas in adult sizes…

Vubiquity Brand Launch

Over the last couple of years we’ve made quite a few brand launch films. Above is one we made earlier in the year for the launch of Vubiquity.

Vubiquity is the new global brand formed following the acquisition of On Demand Group by Avail-TVN. You may not recognise the brand names, you’ve probably used their services – Vubiquity provide on-demand services to 77 million households in 28 countries.

We’re hiring!

We are currently on the look out for junior designers and graduates. This is an amazing opportunity for talented people to get to work on international brands.

Junior Designer

We are looking for a junior designer to join our team.

Applicants must have at least one years experience working in motion graphics. Knowledge and enthusiasm for After Effects and C4D are essential.

All applications must be accompanied by a showreel or link to reel and/or portfolio.

To apply email:

Graduate Motion Graphics Interns

Beautiful are an East London motion graphics studio producing broadcast branding, commercials and promos for international brands.

We are looking for designers and animators graduating summer 2013 to take internships of 1-3 months.

We are looking for great design and animation skill, but above all a positive attitude and thirst for knowledge.

Applicants must have examples of motion graphics work, preferably as a montage showreel.

Only daily expenses covered.

To apply email:

No phone calls please, we’re very busy!

Definitely no recruitment agencies.