Christmas on Boomerang

Today I was alarmed to see Christmas grub on sale in M&S. But it reminded me that the Christmas promo season is just around the corner. Here’s one from last year for Boomerang. I’m pretty sure we crammed all of the cliches into this one, a factory made of presents that’s making presents, and the shows are the wrapping paper. Oh, and snow, lots of snow.

MTV Teen Mom Promo

We worked with MTV’s Niki Anastasi to produce this emotional spot for Teen Mom on MTV. This ran as a summer campaign in 2012 with viewers asked to vote for their favourite episode. The results show will be hosted by two of the teen moms themselves. Have we seen the Sherlock Holmes titles? Um…

ESPN French Open Promo

This is a promo we produced earlier in the year for ESPN for the French Open. The brief was to set tennis ablaze. We achieved the flame effects using Cinema 4D and the Turbulence FD plug-in. We’re putting together a technical breakdown which we’ll upload here soon.