Mash Up Mix EDM

Ministry of Sound asked us to produce this commercial for the latest release in their Mash Up Mix series. Mash Up Mix EDM brings together the biggest dance artists such as Calvin Harris, Avicii, David Guetta and Armin van Burren in a unique mash-up mix exclusive to Minstry of Sound.

We put a new spin on the mash up mix series by producing a vibrant multi-layered assault on the senses. There’s a lot of work packed into this 30 seconds!

Weetabix Sponsorship

We recently completed a competition promotion and 24 sponsorship idents for Weetabix. Each sponsorship bumper shows kids enjoying their Weetabix for breakfast which gives them the fuel to make the most of their day.

To give a little insight into our production process we thought it might be nice to show some of the alternate character designs we initially presented along with the chosen style.

KidsV2_1 KidsV2_2 weetabix_character_design_06 weetabix_character_design_07 weetabix_character_design_05 weetabix_character_design_03 Sponsorship

Sponsorship idents for and Asda’s range of superhero themed clothing. For compliance reasons we couldn’t show the clothing, so we had to come up with some more graphic ways to associate the George brand with the superheroes. We created simple logo builds for George that create an instant connection in the viewers mind between the superheroes and the brand.

If only they made the Iron Man pyjamas in adult sizes…

Mike Oldfield

This is a commercial we made for a best of Mike Oldfield compilation scheduled to coincide with his performance at the Olympic opening ceremony at London 2012. We wanted to create a simple but elegant pack build over 30 seconds that would emphasise the atmospheric and epic tracks rather than fight for attention against the music.

All the 3D was created in Cinema 4D and Real Flow and the shattering was made using the xplode plug-in. If we get time we’ll try and upload some of the test movies as well as a technical breakdown.